Ideation, Innovation and Acceleration

More than just a boutique investment banking firm. We convert ideas into strategy, strategy into action, and action in measurable results. Industry agnostic, we are your "Phantom works" for hire. Our innovative approach integrates technology, innovation, and strategy in a way that accelerates new product and business segment development.


Our Firm exists to help our clients innovate and accelerate their approach to business development through national and international connectivity to emerging technologies, academia, and corporate partners in a wide variety of sectors and industries. From new programs, new products, new business divisions and joint ventures. Our team has over twenty years of experience in developing ideas into products and new companies.

Our methodology and ability to streamline the adoption and integration of technologies and processes create significant value for our clients. Companies rarely THINK BIG as part of their growth strategy. To be competitive in a global economy, any business that is not being innovative and aggressive in their marketplace, will eventually be surpassed and replaced by the competition that is.





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