Financing Advisory Services

Reliance Funding Group and its principles have decades of financing experience, and have participated in over $1 Billion in transactions.

Through our extensive network of resources, we are able to raise the debt that is required to support the needs of our clients. We can facilitate a wide variety of structured debt products based on an intensive analysis of a clients business and plans and financial condition.

Reliance Funding Group has strong connections to a variety of lending entities for Sr. secured, mezzanine, bridge, project and short term debt needs. We can determine the optimum finance structure for your companies growth needs.

We have transactional experience in the following project types:

Asset based Lending, Project Financing (existing, build out, start up), retail (strip and community), multi-unit residential, office and complex developments, agribusinesses, hotel, motels and resorts, niche manufacturing, light industrial, transportation and distribution, financial services, consulting, energy and renewables.

Some examples of the types of lending projects we have completed:

Hotel Project: Combined, consolidated and restructured a $40,000,000.00 loan package in a Pari Passau syndicated structure with Lehman Bros. Bank, FSB, and Credit Suisse.

Farm Project: Sale & Lease back/mortgage: $3,000,000.00 lease buyout, $2,000,000.00 construction conversion with $3,000,000.00 permanent end loan. Well Fargo, Farm Credit and Regional Bank

Development Project: $50M Development debt and convertible equity for a Tennesee waterpark project. Private Lender

Mobile Home Park Development: $2.6M acquisition and $1.5M development note, REIT project

Strip Mall refinance: $1.2M refianance of a 12 unit strip mall, Regional Lender

Multi-family: $125M Fannie Mae multi-family unit acquisition and refinance loans, in New England region. National & Regional lenders as well as Community Preservation entities.

Manafacturing wharehouse acquisition: $1.2M USDA backed loan, Regional Commmunty Bank

Small Retail Center: $2.04M, 2 acres site with major anchor, GE Finance.

Senior Living Center: $18.52M Refianance, Life Insurance Company Finance



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